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    Good morning 
    I'm new into this forum and need some advice on this topic that I discuss below.

    I have an application made with struts 1.3 which is well separated parts of model, view and controller; taking ejbs 2.1 above drivers layer (Struts actions) and above the jsps.

    Now i must to migrate the view part, to HTML5, the jsps to html5

    I see that the HTML5 forms are different or at least have qualities not have HTML4

    My first intention was to continue using struts 1.It (struts 1.3) supports html5?, if it supports how must i use it? extending struts classes? migrate to Struts 2? using spring? or use another framework? what do you recommend me?.
    I remain very grateful for your help.



  2. It is better to migrate in struts 2 to make use of html 5. Anyway, struts 2 have also spring.