I'm excited to announce the release of our QuartzDesk product.

QuartzDesk is an advanced Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring GUI / tool with many powerful and unique features. To name just a few:

  • Support for Quartz 1.x and 2.x schedulers.
  • Persistent job execution history.
  • Job execution log message capturing.
  • Notifications (email, all popular IM protocols, web-service).
  • Interactive execution statistics and charts.
  • REST API for job / trigger / scheduler monitoring.
  • QuartzAnywhere web-service to manage / monitor Quartz schedulers from applications.
  • and more

To keep this announcement short, I kindly refer you to the QuartzDesk Features page for details and screenshots.

The product is aimed at Java developers and system administrators.

Jan Moravec (Founder) & The QuartzDesk Team