Difference between JavaWebServer and Tomcat Application Server


General J2EE: Difference between JavaWebServer and Tomcat Application Server

  1. I find it confusing to differentiate between JavaWebserver and Tomcat or any application server of its kind. Also can Javawebserver be equated to any server like IIS of Lotus go domino. Also please explain the differences between a site server, webserver , server and application server
  2. Hi,
       Any program that provides services to other program
    is a server.A server runs on a machine and listens at a particular port number to serve a client.The services of a
    server can vary.

            If it is a webservice then in that case
    it listens at port number 80 and looking for http clients
    and it is called WEB SERVER.

    Javawebserver is a webserver.It provides only web service.

    Application Server:
    It is a server which provides the
    one or more of the following services to the components deployed on this server:
      1.Persistance service
      2.Transaction service
      3.messaging service
      4.Optional web service
    There are many application servers available in the market eg.BEA'S weblogic server,IBM's websphere to name a few

    Web servers are used in projects which uses web interfaces to the users. It can be internet project or can be intranet
    Application servers are used in distributed n tiered applications.Business logic components are developed and
    deployed in such app servers these servers governs the life cycle of these components and provide above said services to these components.
    I think Tomcat is a plug-in used as servlet/JSP engine with
    web server such as Apache.
    Site server ???
  3. That about answers it, i guess. perhaps some additions to the above point would be:

    application servers reside on business tiers to perform complex operations and further an application server usually ships with a webserver
  4. Thankyou so much for explaining about the differences between server and app server which had been bugging me so much. Now I have a got a clearer picture. Thanks pal