When we think of using a open source software as the critical component of the application, both managers and architects may have many FUDs.

Some of these FUDs are listed here.

  1. Open Source Softwares will have lot of Bugs
  2. If there is an issue who is going to support me?
  3. Whom will I blame if something goes wrong?
  4. Open source software may perform poorly when compared with commercial counter parts
  5. It is very difficult to develop, manage and monitor as I don't have a good console or IDE
  6. My customer may not like the use of open source softwares
  7. If I need an extra feature, what will I do?
  8. Will they stop development of this software?
  9. Will they change the license and make it commercial?
  10. Will I fall into some legal troubles if I use OSS?

By analysing these FUDs, we can see that most of them are not facts. Irrespective of whether a software is open source or proprietary, what matters is the value added by the software in terms of features, stability, usability, performance, popularity etc. All these parameters need to be thoroughly evaluated before choosing a software. 

Read the detailed blog at http://softthoughtsbyjohn.blogspot.in/2013/07/fuds-on-open-source-softwares.html