Visiting and sponsoring IT events (aka technology exhibitions, conferences, JUG meetups, gatherings, dojos, code camps and various symposia) is an important part of the “human� side to your technology company. But an IT event is a complicated thing...if given a magic wand, would you know how to throw an awesome conference?

To get to the bottom of it all, we launched a survey and gave respondents a drag-n-drop menu of different aspects of events, from speaker line up and sessions to venue, location and WiFi quality. About 250 people around the world told us what they thought, and we put it all into a beautiful infographic (SPOILER: Attendees care more about WiFi quality than exihibitors, swag or food/drinks! ;-)

We give an in-depth review of the following IT Events: 33rd Degree, DevOps Days, Devoxx, EclipseCon, JAX, JavaOne, JFokus, Jenkins User Conference, Gartner AADI, Red Hat Summit/JUDCon and Velocity, including a simple calculation for determining "should we go?"

For the full report in both HTML and PDF version: