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      is it wise to use tomcat as standalone webserver..why many use it with apache?cant i use it without apche..pls help me

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    the point is that tomcat and apache are both from Apache but the difference lies in their robustness. tomcat is only a reference implementation for servlet 2.2 api and jsp1.1 api. so it is NOT commercially strong webserver. Apache JServ is much industrially strong and hence the usual combination. if you still want to go ahead with tomcat in a commercial implementation go ahead but don't blame apache later on!:-)
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    Tomcat is very efficient servlet/JSP engine.
    But as some one has explained it is not as robust and configurable as Apache web server.Also it does not handle real world issues when it comes for serving PHP contents besides JSP/servlets.It is not advisible to use tomcats in-built webserver for production sites.

    So let Apache serve the static content and redirect any request to servlet engine for JSP/servlets to tomcat .

    Vijay khanna