New Low Cost J2EE Application Server "Blazix"


News: New Low Cost J2EE Application Server "Blazix"

  1. Has any heard of or used Blazix application server? They seem to promise a lot on their web site, including a Web Server, an EJB Server, an EJB generator wizard, JSP debugging code generator, Web application packager, Remote administrator, and clustering support software - all with an install size of 1.5 megs.

    Check it out at
  2. "This web site is powered entirely by Blazix. "

    All the pages are static!
  3. Never heard of it, but having a play with it now.

    Note however, it is total download of 1.5MB, not total install. It's a self extracting executable, but haven't installed it yet to know how big the install is.

    Plus, apart from one jsp I can see it is indeed just serving static pages. :-)


  4. Well, the directory size of the installed version on my windows box is 1,421,312 bytes. :)
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    The full quote: "It also includes an implementation of HTTP/1.1 and is written entirely in Java, so efficiently that it can be used as a full web server all by itself, even for high volume traffic. This web site is powered entirely by Blazix."

    Key phrase: "it can be used as a full web server all by itself."
  6. In its defense, the download doesn't have any of the value-add, custom features or the more advanced clustering and failover support.

    However, I did note that "J2EE compliant" wasn't in the site or the FAQ. Hmmmmmm.
  7. from reading the docs I gather that full compliancy is not there (yet). For example, login configuration (form-based, basic, etc.) has to be done via property files, and not in the web deployment descriptor.

    Thats a major drawback, IMO
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    "Key phrase: "it can be used as a full web server all by itself." "

    You were so busy nitpicking, being criticl and not seeing the forrest for the trees that you missed the point. The point was they were bragging about the fact that the site was powered by it and the site is elementary and static.
  9. Eh?

    Firstly the site is not static as someone has already pointed out. It contains at least one jsp page. Secondly, it would be valid to claim that the site is powered by Blazix, even if it was static. Ever seen "Powered by Apache" on a site?

    In any case, bear in mind that the term "Powered" is just marketing spin in this context, and they can say whatever they want.

    And I think you started the nitpicking.
  10. Interesting, has anyone actually tried the clustering features of this product?
  11. Dude, you need to get a sense of humor for GOd's sake. My comment was merely a pointing out the simplicity of the site and the lack of a need to say "powered by" Shees.
  12. just don't try to HEAD any of the jsp pages, because the connection locks up :-)
    telnet 80
    HEAD /order.jsp HTTP/1.1