We only have space for an abstract and some of the main points here, but there is a PDF version available for download, or you can read the complete HTML version here: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/release-management-for-enterprises/

Part I: DevOps improves Release Management and Deployment Automation

  • DevOps in a nutshell, how complexity created specialization and specialization led to silos
  • The dichotomy at work in DevOps -- Devs <3 Change, Ops <3 Stability
  • The impact of DevOps on business performance, employee morale and legacy operations
  • Proven ways of adopting DevOps in your enterprise 

Part II: Automating Your Release Pipeline

  1. Identify your artifacts

  2. Create a source code repository using GitHub

  3. Create artifact repositories using Artifactory

  4. Automate artifact creation using Bamboo

  5. Control quality using JBoss Arquillian and Selenium
  6. Automate deployment with LiveRebel
  7. Orchestrate everything 

Additional tools and related RebelLabs reports are provided at the end as well. For the complete version, please go to: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/release-management-for-enterprises/