Dual Persistent entity bean pattern/chapter posted for review


News: Dual Persistent entity bean pattern/chapter posted for review

  1. The environment in which an entity bean component will be deployed in can vary widely from project to project. This pattern describes how to write entity beans that can support both CMP and BMP, requiring only deployment descriptor changes to change between the two at deployment time.

    Read Dual Persistent Entity Bean.
  2. Question for reviewers:

    >>Do you think this pattern needs code examples, or is the diagram enough?

    There's not much to this "pattern." I would suggest maybe you go into explaining the evolution of ejbCreate() from 1.0 to 1.1 to 2.0 and how the return type was changed to facilitate bmp extends cmp practice and giving one nice diagram, that's all that's needed. If you do give examples, maybe a more involved example than the account bean..like several beans running in an app server with sophisticated cmp that supports 1-many, many to many, 1 to 1, multiple tables, and how it needs to be ported over to app server that does support this and how this pattern can be used...

    >>Can you think of other reasons to use this pattern or other problems it may solve?

    Maybe you can add a comment on how to can use this to have bmp for different databases..a cmp superclass and a oracle bmp class, a sql server bmp class, etc. obvious but you could always put it in (?)

    Tinou Bao