This year at JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco, an Internet of Things (IoT) demonstration promises to prove the value of machine-to-machine communication in daily life by tracking anonymous attendees as they move around the conference area.  Afterward, the information gathered on traffic patterns will be reviewed in a JavaOne keynote called “IoT in Motion -- Driving Business Value from Edge Device to Application.?

This attendance tracking solution is a joint initiative between Oracle, Eurotech, Hitachi Communication Technologies America and Hitachi Consulting. The demonstration will be conducted on Oracle’s IoT platform and was developed on Java using technologies and services from the partnered organizations. Throughout the conference, IoT in Motion will count and track the conference attendees in different locations. The goal is to show how end-to-end data collection and management technologies can improve efficiency and productivity in many fields, ranging from public transit fare collections to emergency evacuation planning for public safety to improving retail marketing programs and reducing wait time in stores. This real-world real-time IoT application will likely also reveal how a collaborative, multi-disciplinary solution can prove to be a dynamic approach to data collection and analysis in the field.

A live demonstration is certainly a compelling way to present the IoT platform. That said, a performance presentation makes it difficult to separate the hype from the credible advancement.Is this a true innovation or just smoke and mirrors? 

Let us know where you stand on IoT in motion.