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    This isn't an attempt to get at anybody but I just wonder if in general people are more, less or equally likely to respond to messages that say URGENT in the title.

    If the first, will we all start saying URGENT and then people will have to escalate to EXTREMELY URGENT etc?

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    Good point. This is supposed to be a discussion forum but it has evolved into a help desk for H1B visa holders. Personally, I don't respond to...

    1. URGENT
    2. Dumb questions about basic Java
    3. Anyone who wants me to write their code for them
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    I think you'll find that developers exist outside the USA...

    Did it ever occur to you that these people may not be H1B visa holders, but people from outside the US in, maybe, Europe/India/Sri Lanka (you've probably never heard of these places) :-)

    I agree that there are some time wasters, but generally speaking, some of the poeple on here do not have fantastic English speaking ability, and so some things get lost in the translation.

    BTW, could someone explain what Java is to me please - URGENT :-)

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    Help desk for H1B visa holders? I didn't know that before. What I also didn't know was that this forum has also become a place to display your prejudices against people from other nationalities.
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    You are right. I apologize for my comments.
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    Warning Stupid Question Following:

    Whats a H1B visa holder?

    The visa holder I can work out. So more specifically, whats a H1B?

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    Over the last couple of years congress has granted special H1B visas to foreign programmers. The reason for this is to save major U.S. corporations money on IT development costs. And remember, U.S. corporations pay to get congress elected so they get what they want.

    While I have nothing personally against an H1B visa holder, I am disappointed that my billing rates have declined this year because of the abundance of programmers in this country.

    Some may say that I'm greedy by wanting to squeeze as much profit as possible. Yes, I do want want maximum profits, just like any other good American corporation.
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    Jeff, welcome to a capitalistic economy based on free markets. Isn't this what differentiates the U.S. from the heavily unionized Europe? What I hear you saying is that competition is actually a bad thing.
    Besides, not letting the H1B's into the U.S. will prompt many major software companies (and to some extent they have been doing just that)to shift their operations and development to other countries where it will be more cost-effective for them.
    Having said that, I do agree with you that the level of expertise required to obtain an H1B visa must be raised sufficiently. I have personally worked with many H1Bs who had either exaggerated their experience or misrepresented themselves. This should not be tolerated.
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    I notice that nobody has said they are more likely to respond to a query just because it says URGENT, while a couple of people have implied they are less likely to. Guess I won't bother to put it on any messages in the future.
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    I personally try to answer as many questions as I ask.
    It's supposed to be a forum for bidirectional exchange of
    information and knowledge. For some people, it's a one way
    street. They want to take as much as possible without
    contributing much, almost like a help desk.

    As far as H1B, I don't want to make any sweeping remarks.
    But the bar has been significantly lowered. I have interviewed may H1B's who could not write the algorithm
    for finding the max in an array of integers.

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    Competition is good for consumers and not good for producers. In this case, I am a producer. So from my selfish point of view, competition is bad for me.

    However in general, competition is good for all because it motivates us to keep our skills honed and to deliver the best software possible.

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    The reason such a mechanism wouldn't work out since this is a forum which people access in leisure to augment their knowledge and don't make answering or asking questions a full-time job. Nevertheless even if you title it suffixing urgent some benevolent soul might consider emancipating you from your pressing worries!!!!
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    Why are urgent questions usually really stupid...that's my question...
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    because you lose you ability to think when things become urgent