Graph database underlies room accommodation platform


News: Graph database underlies room accommodation platform

  1. To runs a system that turns people's homes and apartments into hotel rooms, Onefinestay CTO Jackson Hull and team went with a graph database called Neo4J to better map its inventory for guests. "J" stands for Java, but the team relied largely on Python.

    Hull said his team interacted with Cypher and Neo4j, using software libraries specialized for use with Python, a preferred development language in the Onefinestay shop. He said his team has tapped into open source projects, and has in turn contributed software of its own back to open source as well. An example of that is a graph-based object framework for persistence built on top of Neo4j.

  2. Graph database .. simply awesome[ Go to top ]

    unstrcutured data has become a norm these days - collecting data from rdbms, log files, social media, tweets, other feeds and what not.

    its impossible to assemble them all in a structured way of rows and columns. nothing wrong with rdbms, but our technology roadmap is changing drastically and this graph databases are really a boon to the industry.

    i wonder if anyone has any suggestions on graph database design. there is no CODD rule here , but somehting to watch out and not get into trouble down the line. 

    thanks for sharing this article.  simple but addresses the pain point very well... "no two hosues are similar." should be tag line of the graph databases. :)