Conferences were one of those things that were supposed to disappear with the arrival of the Internet...

They were very-time consuming to attend or parpicipate in, dull, usually only in English, expensive, involved lots of travel, not really very useful, needed to be huge and no longer really necessary (especially for young people who would exist exclusively online)....

So let me give you some detals about the recent DevFest Ankara:-
1. It took place on 3 November in TOBB Garaj (in Turkey).
2. It was free to attend.
3. It was organised by an army of volunteers.
4. Over 300 people turned up.
5. It attracted a young audience (many of whom had not attended a previous conference).
6. It had 12 speakers doing presentations. Their topics included Android SDK, Android NDK, Google+ API, Maps APIs, Google Cloud Messaging for Android, Android UI, Game Engines, Google Play Services, Chrome/HTML5, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Google App Engine, SEO/SEM
7. It had a real buzz to it! 

You can see what it was like to be there from this picture gallery...

The DevFest conferences are organised under the umbrella of Google Developer Groups but most of the hard work and the enthusiasm come from local volunteers. They find a suitable local venue, raise an army of volunteers and plan the program.

You can get some more details about DevFest at and Google obviously believes they are a great success as the company are also now organising a similar event more focussed on Android.

There are still several events you can attend all over the world as part of DevFest including another DevFest with weekend in Turkey in Eskisehir.

Have you attended a DevFest yet?