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    I am trying this example of "Bean Managed Entity Bean - Account" ,Chapter no. 8,from the book - "Mastering Enterprise Jvabeans" by Ed Roman. I am using weblogic server.
    When I am trying to run the client Program, i am getting an exception saying, "cannot get connection from connection pool". I have even checked my weblogic console to make aure the connection pool is created and it is being created.
    Then what may be the problem? I am pretty sure the code is also correct.
    Any other reasons to get that error?
    Please help.


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    Probably not your problem but after creating the Connection Pool you also need to deploy it on your server (see targets tab on the console display for the pool).
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     ... and another thing, have you checked the values under the Connections tag? Sometimes the default values of Initial Capacity, Maximum Capacity and Capacity Increment need altering from the default.

    Also I presume that user-id, pasword etc. are correct
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    but how can I deploy connection pool on my server.
    I have checked every thing and even changed the default values, but the problem still persists.
    Any suggestions?
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    In the console, select the relevant Connection Pool then select the Targets tab. Will show you two windows (Available and Chosen). If your server is in the Available window, move it to the Chosen window using the arrow button.

    If it's already in the Chosen window then not being deployed is not the problem. In that case look at the logs (either the console display and/or the log file) and see if there are any messages about the Connection Pool not being set correctly.