This new version integrates major new enhancements to enable uninterrupted and continuous production flow from development to go live of digital projects. Jahia 7 will be unveiled at JahiaOne, the vendor 1st International User Conference in Paris on Feb 6&7th. 

Major enhancements include:

  • Integration of OSGi for module development, enabling highly dynamic deployment and dependency management

  • Integration of the Studio (UX builder) with popular source repositories and complete in-browser editing of module projects

  • Introduction of private enterprise apps stores to enable reuse of previous developments, securely.

  • Jahia is one of the first Open Source projects to integrate jBPM 6 & Drools 6 in their final release

Key strengths of Jahia 7

  • Distributed development to industrialize the development by combining source control and agility. Jahia 7 brings many new improvements based on the integration of Jahia Studio, its unique visual UX builder with shared source repository using backends such as Git or Subversion. Several developers can work on the same projects, independently from where they are located, directly on the integration server using the web UI or from their desktop. All sources modifications are pushed to a repository to which the Studio is linked. Changes are versioned in the source repository and all changes can be tested on the same server to verify compatibility and to actually develop with agile methodology.
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  • Agile Deployment. Two major enhancement now allow for agile and faster deployments:

    • The integration of OSGi allows the hot-deployment of modules without downtimes or restarts. OSGi is the most mature dynamic Java module technology and allows developers to finely control the encapsulation of modules and dependencies, allowing, for example, to include two different versions of the same library or to dynamically undeploy modules at runtime with no downtime. With the addition of OSGi also comes new tools such as the Felix Web Console or the new remote command line to enable developers to manipulate the modules runtime state or query the system for the status of modules and services.

    • The introduction of Private Enterprise App Store where all validated modules and business applications are made available and are versioned for administrators to decide whether to deploy them or not. This centralized and secure Private App Store allows for unlimited reuse of previously developed modules and for instant deployment on as many instances as needed. Both TCO and time-to market are drastically reduced, project after project. The App Store can be declared fully private within your entire organization and/or shared with your integration partner.

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  • Dynamic Content. Marketing teams get control over their main objectives: ensure brand consistency through all their sites and adapt their content to each required channel for the best possible user experience. They are given full autonomy to create, at will, any global and localized digital initiatives, manipulate any type of content, assemble full-fledged sites based on predefined templates and socially engage visitors by just drag'n dropping related modules and validated content.
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  • Latest and greatest frameworks and libraries already integrated. Jahia 7 is one of the first products to include the final release of jBPM 6 and Drools 6, guaranteeing you to be able to build state of the art workflow and rules to build solutions using these powerful tools. We have also upgraded a lot of  frameworks and libraries we package with Jahia, so you will get Apache Camel 2.12, EHCache 2.7, Hibernate 4.2 as well as Spring Framework 3.2 (as well as Spring Webflow, ORM, and more!). And if module projects require other versions of libraries, OSGi’s class loading isolation and versioning may be used to either embed them in modules or deploy them as OSGi bundles.

  • Guaranteed Update. Jahia 7 comes also with a fully secured and guaranteed update process to protect former investments in Jahia.
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Official Presentation of Jahia 7

Jahia 7 will be presented for the first time at JahiaOne, Jahia’s first international user conference. During two days, developers, users, clients and partners will be able to meet, share their experience and discover Jahia 7.

JahiaOne will be held in Paris on February 6 and 7, 2014.

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