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    i want to know about O/R mapper. How it works and how it is beneficial.
    i am working on EJB/JSP technolgy.
    and wanted to map EJB with database.
    and i have heard abt O/R mapper.
    so kindly give me inforamation regarding it. i
    will be very obliged.



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    An O/R mapper comes into picture specially when you have BMPs or Java classes that u wanna persist. Im my opinion, they are very useful. Quite a few are available in the market. but the 2 big ones are TOPLink and THOUGHT Inc's CocoBase. I have spent lto of time on CocoBase and have used it at many places. Found very useful as it has the facility to not only map the database table to a Java object/BMP but also it generates the code which takes care of persistence completely!!! So u get rid of writing persistent code in yourself and focus on your business logic. Also, since these guys take care of persistence, they do it pretty well and take care of performance etc to a decent extent. u can doownload the eval copy and check it out.
    Hope it helps....
    Need any more info?