5 tips for being a Java freelancer (and not fail at it!)


News: 5 tips for being a Java freelancer (and not fail at it!)

  1. Roberto Cortez is a Java developer and freelancer living in Portugual, but his advice can be applied to independent contractors all over the world, and in any market. After spending nearly a decade working in large organizations working on projects for the government, banks and insurance companies, Roberto decided to try his hand at choosing his own customers, and working the hours he wanted to work.

    Fast forward one year. Roberto is now turning down customers, getting to travel to Java events that he always wanted to visit, and recently expanded his horizons by establishing Coimbra JUG and becoming a Contributing Author for RebelLabs. So what did he do to find this success? His 5 tips for anyone thinking about the freelance life are:

    1. Work as a non-freelancer for at least 10 years (kidding)
    2. Invest in yourself (finally, you can have business cards!)
    3. Try to keep an open mind (“Sorry, I don’t do JavaScript…?)
    4. Manage your finances (ummm, what taxes??)
    5. Don’t get carried away (“I can’t even afford to put fuel in my plane!?)

    To read the full article, check it out on RebelLabs: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/five-ways-to-not-suck-at-being-a-java-freelancer/ 

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  2. open mind?[ Go to top ]

    I'm snobbing both unsafe javascript and non-standard Spring and it works great!

  3. open open mind[ Go to top ]

    My idea of ​​open mind is doing anything with sun.misc.Unsafe