One of my new Years resolutions for 2014 has been to use my time more effectively. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to develop and improve my coding skills so I was particularly struck by the Android Developer Days being organised by various local groups such as the Android Developer Day in Turkey ( 

The conferences are free to attend (can't complain about that!) and consist of an intense single day of sessions on all aspects of Android and Mobile. This includes not only coding but also how to market and monetise your work and a look at new technologies such as Google Glass.

The mobile market is going to be very big in 2014 and these one day sessions give you a really good chance to get up to speed on what is happening (or reach out to this important audience by doing a talk). The call for papers is now out, along with the chance to sign up to attend the event.

I went to one of the Google Development Days in Turkey 2013 (and it was time very well spent). So I hope you will consider attending one of the events in 2014. Do you have any recommendations?