JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.

Full support for volunteer computing

JPPF@home is now a reality. Build your volunteer computing project with all the benefits of a JPPF Grid and the underlying Java technologies.
Complete support with JPPF offline nodes as remote clients, association with a swing-based screen saver, notifications of task and job events and fine-grained fault-tolerance and failover strategies.

Dynamic scripting

JPPF tasks can now be entirely written in any JSR 223 compliant dynamic language, fully leveraging the javax.script APIs.

New demos

Generate Mandelbrot fractal images and record them as slide shows.
Produce actual movies from the slide shows with a volunteer grid.
Word count in a Wikipedia database dump using job streaming.
Use the new Kryo serializer to speed up all serialization and deserialization operations in JPPF.

Administration console enhancements

The console can now be split in separate views, allowing users to organize it in any way they wish.
New statistics were added for class loading requests and network traffic.
Statistics can now be exported to the clipboard as CSV or formatted plain text


The configuration files can now use includes at any level of nesting, to enhance the readability, modularity and maintenance of the JPPF configuration

Task notifications

The task API now provides the ability to send notifications to locally registered listeners, remote JMX listeners, or both

... and a lot more. See the full release notes here.

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