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    Finally, a definitive article on how Container Managed Persistent (CMP) Beans interact with the database and application server. Learn how application servers pool entity beans and how to make CMP work as fast as possible, how CMP/BMP works in clusters with different types of caching( option A versus option C caching).

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    Thanks a bunch for posting this article. It was very informative and helps us in making decisions about performance in our deployments. The problem that I see here is that if we have to rely on JDBC and other solutions for extracting maximum performance from our beans, then it reduces the possibility of creating a component market place wherein I can produce the components and someone else can run it on their database installations. I guess that market place is not very mature right now and thus it is not exactly a pressing issue.

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    It's worth noting that the original draft article until Tuesday had some inaccuracies that have now been corrected. I'd recommend reading it again to get a better view.