Can (Virtual) Machines Dream? Can Many Appear as One?


News: Can (Virtual) Machines Dream? Can Many Appear as One?

  1. I've spent the last few years pursing a dream in which an entire distributed systems of applications is mirrored & simulated in near real-time. I believe this approach will eventually be even bigger than virtualization (machine or runtime) and will be applicable beyond Java itself. I used Java simply to demonstrate it was possible and it had application in monitoring (observing) as well as management (control). Last week I made available FREE distributions of this technology in the form of Satoris, Stenos and Simz.

    I hope this will stimulate interest as I continue to pursue this vision with the development of a Signals Open API that will allow developers and operations to stimulate "good" software execution behavior by way of the simulation itself.

    What if virtual machines could dream and relive past experiences as a means to train their own internal adaptive mechanisms or to allow software performance engineers to observe and understand dynamic behavior as it would appear in reality? There is much to be said for the benefits of motion in monitoring that is absence in typical postmortems performed via charts. Check out this screen recording with audio commentary to peer into the future of sofware.

    Now that we can simulate one application memory why not a collective of many?

    I've  uploaded a screen recording with audio explaining how Simz + Satoris gives immediate feedback on the performance within a distributed JVM based system in particular one, such as Hazelcast, that is dynamic in it's balancing of client request workload across a set of nodes (coming and going). I've used both the FREE community editions of Simz and Satoris.

  2. Wow, SkyNet is coming.