Since a very large part of Java applications are commercial in nature, it can sometimes be hard to separate the buzz around a new framework with the number of projects actually putting it to use. This is important, as the community of users and contributors around a framework is one of the strongest factors in determining its continuous success and development.

We decided to use a data based approach to get more insight into this, by analyzing which Java projects developers are actually using on the world’s largest open repository for Java projects – GitHub.

In our previous post we presented the main results of our GitHub research project and the top 100 libraries for JavaScript, Ruby and Java. Now let’s dive into the data, analyzing Java in particular.

The Approach

To generate our dataset we queried 10,000 Java projects, with a bias towards the ones most favorited by the community, as a strong qualifying indicator towards their relative importance. We used the pom.xml, which is used by the vast majority of Java projects on GH, to define dependencies. We then analyzed and grouped those into categories. The results were really interesting.

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