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    hi all
      I have a basic doubt. When you define a PrimaryKey class why we must implement Serializable interface.

    Why do we have EJBserver and container as seperate. What actually they do.


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    Read the EJB spec. You will find most of the answers to your questions there.

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    ha ha! nice reply.

    anyway sundar the basic reason we must serialize the primary key class is so that the container can use it to
    'pick' out the right entity bean.

    the container and server are not actually different since they usually come from the same vendor. though the ejb specification has gone out of its way to emphasize the imoportance of these roles, u basically never get to clearly demarcate these two roles. for now you may assume that the container provides a run-time environment for the beans whereas the server provides a run-time environment for the container itself.

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      The very basic nature for a class to implement serializable interface , is that it facilitates the storing of an object's state in a stream format. In case of EJBs the container uses passivation/activation techniques to ensure the reusability of using the existing enterprise beans. I hope you could understand.
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    Java has Object Serialization to convert Java Objects into bit-blob representation so that they can be send anywhere.
    for eg to send over the network or into your hard disk.

    to get this work done we have to implement interface.

    EJB's will be never exist without a container.It is just like fish to water association.The container rests in the Server(Application Server).

    think you got it cleared.

    syed imthias basha