Hi everone,

I am very new to websphere mq. I have installed mqv7.5 on windows 2008 std edition. I have created a group domiain mqm and added 2 users ( namely Deep & Diddi) to it and granted the read group info permission to the whole group. Enabled LDAP on windows 2008. The FQDN for windows 2008 on which mq is running is second.kind.com.

Now coming to editing the jmsadmin conf file, i took out # in the front of INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY=com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory and other intial_context_factories have a # in front of them.

Now coming to PROVIDER_URL=ldap://<your host>:389/<root dn>,,, i gave ldap://second.kind.com:389/dc=kind,dc=com



PROVIDER_PASSWORD=<password>( respective password for user deep which i gave in AD while creation)

After this i tried to click on jmsadmin.bat, the window opens up and closes automatically, but if i use the default jmsadmin conf file, i mean the one without doing the above changes the windows open up and stays and i can see the prompt  InitCtx>

If i got a head and try to create ldap initial context i get a error at the end saying could not connect to jndi service provider as security credential  (dn or password) are not valid

Please kindly help me with  where am i going wrong as i am trying to get this work for more than 4 weeks now.


Thanks & Regards,