GridGain 6.0.1 released, under Apache Source Licensing


News: GridGain 6.0.1 released, under Apache Source Licensing

  1. GridGain has announced the release of 6.0.1 of their eponymous in-memory data grid platform, with this release focusing on cleaning up issues and a relicensing of the community code under the Apache Source License, version 2.0.

    The GridGain platform itself provides services such as distributed data and processing capabilities, including Map/Reduce. There are multiple query facilities, including full-text queries and a form of SQL similar to that used by JPA. The enterprise version provides enhanced features and support through GridGain Systems.

    Nikita Ivanov, CTO and Founder of GridGain Systems, said that they had spent a significant part of the last year building testing infrastructure so that GridGain could be tested against its primary competition (Infinispan, GigaSpaces, Hazelcast, Coherence, and Gemstone, among others) in various use cases, releasing only when they felt they had won each critical benchmark. He stated that they were not claiming to win each benchmark in every possible environment, but that in the benchmarks that GridGain Systems saw as critical, GridGain 6.0 had won, after a careful optimization. (Considering the published performance of the competing products, this is an impressive claim indeed.)

    Asked why the license had changed to ASL 2, Mr. Ivanov pointed out that the product has been open source for quite some time, but that the company had been focusing on enterprise features to grow the product into an “In-Memory Computing Platform� -- as opposed to a product with specific vertical feature sets like a data grid, compute grid, or streaming API.

    With a greater industry focus on distributed computing and storage, the company felt that it was an appropriate time to bring the open-source offering in line with the enterprise product, and that the Apache License was the best way to make sure adoption wasn't hindered.

    GridGain 6.0 is hosted on GitHub; it will be interesting to see how the open source community adopts the platform further.

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    As mentioned on DZone

    Harald Wellmann replied on Thu, 2014/03/06 - 5:42pm

    GridGain has gone from LGPL to closed source, pushing lots of users to other grid solutions.

    So now you're ASL - why would anyone come back or have reason to believe that GridGain 7.0 will not be closed source again?

    So why not go with Hazelcast, the leading Open-Source In-Memory Data Grid?