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    On November 2000 there was a thread talking about Portal evaluations, but then the thread was broken. We are using BEA WLS 6.0 as our application servers solution and would like to leverage this infrastructure while we are looking for a portal solution. Is there anyone doing this type of portal evalution? Thanks

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    We are planning to redo the reviews section so that you can review anything that you want, not just app servers. We hope to have this functionality soon.

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    Although we are not WebLogic users, but we went through a similar eval a few months ago. We selected (and have implemented) Epicentric's portal server product and found it to be a very solid and complete. It buys into the the J2EE model and has documented compatibility with BEA and IBM.

    Hope this helps...
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    I have been through portal evaluations on 3 occasions with 3 different companies (with 3 very different needs).

    1. This evaluation didn't result in many differences so TIBCO gave us their portal implementation for virtually nothing since we were using TIBCO.

    2. The portal market had grew by this time and the requirements were that we would be running Windows NT/2000 and integrating with SAP so Plumtree was my choice.

    3. Just recently with another company, my requirements were that it needed to run on any platform and the application server was WLS so I ended up recommending WLCS.

    In each case the requirements gave me the direction in which to work and although I have evaluated many of the portal solutions, the preferred solution for you should not include the recommendations of other companies simply because we each have different needs and cost factors. I will end by saying that I evaluated Epicentric because of its Java roots and was not impressed. TIBCO had a better portal than Epicentric but Plumtree was the most flexible and robust; however, WLCS is a great fit when using the WebLogic Application Server.