OpenXava 5.0: Turn bare JPA entities into an AJAX application


News: OpenXava 5.0: Turn bare JPA entities into an AJAX application

  1. OpenXava is an AJAX Java Framework for Rapid Development of Enterprise Web Applications.

    In OpenXava you only have to write the domain classes in plain Java to get a web application ready for production.

    This 5.0 release has a new look & feel, includes module navigation, user login/logout (so you do not need Liferay anymore), inline editable collections (just like a spreadsheet), a new editor to attach files to your entity, and many many more things.

    Look the official announce here:


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  2. Importing one project template into another was not very comfortable. Hope the approach becomes more of a command

  3. Upgrading to a new release is just executing an ant task in your project called updateOX, only that you have to change the OpenXava project in your workspace by the latest one.

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    I hope nobody uses that in production. This thing would make ms access uses proud of their technology.

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    Hi Yannick,


    I hope nobody uses that in production

    You advice is late. OpenXava is open source since 2005 and currently there are hundres of applications in productions, many of them non-trivial applications. Applications like a Payrol system used by organization with more than 1000 employees and even a complete ERP.

    You can see some success stories here:


    Or see the demo of the ERP developed with OpenXava here:


    Before using OpenXava many developers think that it is only useful for basic CRUDs or prototiping, after using OpenXava nobody wants to write a user interface at hand again.