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    Hi Folks
    any inputs for this case.
    I am having two table one is master table and another table is extended to it.
    for example Account is a table and account-Ext is extesnion table for this with primay and Fk key realtionship
    is BMP is the one soltion for this.
    Thanx in Advance

  2. cmp does support multiple table calls depending on the vendor. what server are u using?

  3. You could go CMP or BMP, where you would create an entity bean for each table. You could even create a course-grained entity bean for both tables using BMP. The big question is if you want to get the association of your account-Ext from the Account table. If you are using CMP, you would determine that association most likely with a session bean. If you are using BMP, you can get that association from the Account entity bean. In the future, EJB 2.0 will make it easier to associate entity beans when using CMP. If you know SQL and JDBC, I would recommend using BMP if you want to have the flexibility to associate entity beans.

    Hope this helps,

  4. I appriciate u r time !!

    i am going for BMP!!'

  5. You can still go for cmp by using a product (u will have to search for it it has slipped my mind right now ).
    What basically it does is presents a facade to the eJB and creates one single table by joining two tablesfrom two database also.

  6. HI
    vivek can u throw some more light on this !