Let’s walk through our DevOps methodology as it begins to take hold in an organization that has come from the traditional isolated, silo-based model and see how it relates to our couple in the Meatloaf classic "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". In a sense, we are looking at the challenge of a DevOps relationship from the Ops perspective.

You’ve been in that operations meeting before. There can be, and often is, a very operations-centric focus to the discussions about infrastructure management.

The development team is typically thinking about the application functionality. If you don’t believe me, take a look at their Kanban board and see if you can find any information about server utilization or the number of instances that they will need.

Now, over in the operations area, there may potentially some SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documents that have performance and utilization levels that are used as guidelines for sizing. The worst-case scenario, is that these are the reference documents that are dated from months, or even years ago, that people only read when things are going wrong.

This is where the Developers begin to court the Operations team.

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