I am pleased to announce that Dynatrace 6.1 Beta is now available for everyone that is interested in building better performing applications. Dynatrace 6.1 includes many enhancements requested by our 83k+ user community.

We took the feedback we received from our users and invested heavily in Ease of Use and more Automatic Diagnostics. Follow these steps to setup Dynatrace for a typical Java Web Application – or watch my YouTube Tutorials (for Java, .NET and PHP) – to see how easy it is to setup it up for all our supported technologies. If you are a Mobile Developers (iOS, Android) check out the following blog post: Speeding up Fifa’s World Cup App for Android, Monitoring iOS/Swift based Apps.

What is it you get?

Once you have everything installed and configured you get deep insight into every single transaction that is handled by your application. The core technology is called PurePath – the analytics on top are handled by our dynaTrace Server and are accessible through our Rich Client as well as HTML Client:

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