We are working with a lot of performance engineers that have Tibco Business Works (BW) in the mix of technologies they are responsible for.

This particular story comes from A. Alam – a performance engineer who is responsible for a large enterprise application that uses Tibco to connect their different system components. Alam and his team identified 2 unrelated memory leaks in their Tibco installation using Dynatrace Application Monitoring. One of the leaks was caused by a well-known problem in Tibco’s internal message handling. The other one was caused by configuration and implementation issues. If you want to follow Alam’s steps simply download the 30 Day Free Trial of Dynatrace.

Issue #1: Out of Memory caused by leaking Tibco Business Event (BE)

The following screenshot is from Alam’s Tibco BW production system and shows the main performance counters every performance engineer of a Java or .NET based application needs to look at: Heap Sizes by Memory Generation (Young & Old in Java – Gen 1-3 & Large Object in .NET), Time spent in Garbage Collection and Number of GC Activities per Heap Space of the Tibco BW JVM

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