XO3 has launched Jahia Portal Server 2.0, a low cost portal solution for delivering web content, web applications and web services to multiple business communities across intranets, extranets and the internet.

Press Release:
Geneva, Switzerland – July 20, 2001 – XO3 SA, leading provider of instant java portal software, today announced the release of JAHIA Portal Server 2.0, industry's first easy and affordable solution for building complex and dynamic Java web architectures. Unlike traditional corporate portal solutions, XO3 JAHIA 2.0 provides a comprehensive and out-of-the-box platform for developing, integrating, delivering and managing Content, Web applications and Web services across intranets, extranets and the Internet. This next generation framework enables companies to move beyond the limitation of current personalized portal home pages and create complete and powerful e-business web sites. Thus JAHIA Portal Server 2.0 offers the first democratised solution for all your web projects.

New Features
XO3 JAHIA 2.0 includes many new features including:
- Built-in Web Publishing Tools
- Dynamic Web Site Management Functions
- Standardized Support for Java Web Applications and Web Services
- Marketplace of Complementary Java Components
- J2EE Application Server Reliance
- Enhanced Security with Automatic Inheritage Mechanisms
- Full Web Based Administration

Pricing and Availability
XO3 JAHIA 2.0 is currently available in two main Editions:
1) JAHIA Standard Edition, is a FREE package with some internal limitations which developers can download directly from our web site.
2) JAHIA Professional Edition, the commercial Edition, is available for purchase at USD 10,000 per server with unlimited number of users, 15+ Web Applications pre-packaged and extended virtual site capabilities.

For more information visit www.xo3.com.

About XO3 SA.
XO3, is the leading provider of instant and affordable java corporate portal servers that enable organizations to quickly launch fully integrated and personalized solutions that power all their e-Business initiatives. XO3 combines proven experience and technology to deliver turnkey portals for all-sized organizations. The XO3 corporate portal solution facilitates enterprise-wide productivity gains, including increased revenue from new web services, improved partner communications, better customer relationships and retention, and streamlined, paperless information distribution at lower cost.
Founded in 1997, XO3 has provided portal solutions for customers such as the State of Geneva, the World Health Organization or the United Nations. XO3 is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland,. Investors include Quan Ventures, LLC, GSL SA, VCM SA.

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