Sharing session across differnet platforms


Performance and scalability: Sharing session across differnet platforms

  1. We are porting some applications from the fabled NetDynamics.
    One rather large application looks like a port that will be performed step by step.

    My question is:
    How do I manage sessions when mixing technologies?

    If I create my Session in the NetDynamics Application Server the WebSphere Application Server ain't gonna like it.

    Anybody else come across this proble?
    How to handle it?

    Thanks in Advance

  2. My suggestion will be to write use cookies to hold a session id and store related session objects in database (BLOB in oracle)
  3. I agree but this is not a scalable solution. We need something else. We are also facing the same problem and we have explored the "saving of session in database" route.
    It is a great overhead to the entire system.

    But I think there is no other option also.

    Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi,

      If the references to a statefull beans are serialized, can´t you share the reference beetwen NetDynamics and others app. servers? If so, you could make a little EJB who maps a user with its reference to the statefull bean, so in both sides (NetDyn and WebSphere) you could access the same statefull bean.
      It´s only a idea, I have not tried it.

      We are now also trying to migrate from NetDynamics, to iPlanet, it´s a hard work.

      Godd luck!

            Jose R. Díaz