Critical discussion about web services and component models


News: Critical discussion about web services and component models

  1. Orchestra Networks and TechMetrix Research have teamed up to offer a technical paper titled "Web Services, Business Objects and Component Models". This paper provides an in-depth critical discussion based on Orchestra Networks experience with web services technologies and component models. Technologies such as .Net, SOAP, EJB, COM, CORBA, JDO, JAXP etc. are compared and discussed in the context of web services and business object modeling.

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    From the introduction:

    "Web services technologies such as SOAP, UDDI and WSDL will facilitate inter-enterprise cooperation on the Internet. Using Web services, your information system will be able to communicate much more easily with your partners' information system than in the past. This leads to an important question: what technology should be used for implementing Web services themselves? The general trend is to use top-level approaches which combine workflow and object modeling. This combination of Web services and a dynamic object approach is shaking up standard business component models i.e. EJB, COM and CORBA. New, more suitable technologies are emerging. Here, at Orchestra Networks, we use Web services to develop our technology. This document is a technical analysis based on our experience in this area."

    I hope this paper will be informative and useful. Let us know...

  2. It would be nice if you all at theserverside could tell us about WHO these authors are in general, and what there connection to you is. I dont mean this in any negative way, I just dont know how to evaluate these comments and articles without knowing enough about Philippe Mougin or Orchestra Networks. They are all probably very experienced individuals. I am interested in why you guys chose their article and not another company's. What is their relationship with therserverside to have been published on the site? Are they developing something unique or interesting which I should know about?

    Any further information about Philippe Mougin or Orchestra Networks would help me be able to better evaluate the paper and the article.

  3. totally agree. it would be much better if TSS was to be frank about the source and reason why these article are posted.
  4. I believe this is an excellent article. Sure there is a plug for their company, but writing 40 page review of their experiences is quite a task.

    For many web service applications EJB do not provide a big value add:
    * Authentication and security is provides by the web server
    * Session management is provide by the Servlet container
    * Transactional management is provided by RDMBS via JDBC, and hopefully JDO in the future

    Business logic can reside in the Servlet container using a MVC pattern coupled with services, and in the RDMBS if the form of stored procedures and triggers.

    High scalability can be achieved using load balancing routers dispatching requests to multiple Web Servers/Servlet containers. These smart routers are able to maintain sessions.