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    hello friends,
    I am presently launching an e-com site ,we need help from
    you ,that we don't know how to make credit card validation
    is it possible using with ejb or other java technology,please send me the possible things immdeiately

    with respect
    rex(rexjonathan at yahoo dot com)

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    hello Rex,

    Credit card processing has two steps: authorization and capture. The first step is when you make sure that the transaction is authorized, which involves checking validity, balance etc and the second step is the actual capture of the funds from the client's credit card issuing bank to the merchant bank. We have successfully used Cybercash's software for this ( They give you all the SDK's for building prototypes and also the necessary licenses for actually implementing this in your site as well. They provide the necessary APIs which you need to call from within your application for performing the Credit card validation.


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    You may also use CyberSource (
    It goes with Java SDK. Moreover it has reusable EJB examples
    (J2EE comliant).