It was back in June of 2013 when TheServerSide was first introduced to OpenStack, Red Hat's ambitious attempt to do for cloud computing what they did with the open source Linux model, that is, make a commodity out of it leverage it as a major revenue stream. From the 2013 Red Hat Summit, we first floated the basic What is OpenStack? articles, while asking questions such as Will the Red Hat model work for IaaS cloud computing?

Stepping forward in time to 2015, we have seen an incredible ecosystem build around OpenStack, as organizations who want to leverage the benefits of open source software when building hybrid cloud infrastructures are constantly opting for this software. At the 2015 OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, it was impressive to see the just how much OpenStack has grown, with more and more vendors doubling down on the project.

Getting up to speed on OpenStack

If you're not familiar with OpenStack, it's worth investing some of your time learning about it. Here's a collection of articles from TheServerSide and the TechTarget family of sites that will help you familiarize yourself with OpenStack and what's going on in the world of open source cloud computing.

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The evolution of an open source project

There's also a few other articles, while older, provide some interesting perspective on how OpenShift fits into both Red Hat's portfolio of products, and their long-term strategy for revenue generation.

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It really is worth your time finding out more about OpenStack, as it really is one of the most interesting and exciting things going on in the industry today.