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    I am trying set the content type using contentType="application/..." to get my output in that format.

    I successed in getting details as excel with "application/".
    but not able to get for word, pdf. I tried with "application/pdf", but it is not working. I tested it with Tomcat and JRun3.01 both.

    Help me if anybody have idea.

    thanks in advance..

    Gopi Krishna Aitham

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    Internet Explorer is actually great about automatically opening files of MIME types that it knows about. However, Netscape tends to be a real pain in the ass... and will not open these files automatically.

    You will need to add the MIME type(s) to your web server's MIME configuration file in order to have them downloaded and opened. The name of this configuration file is different for each web server. Check your documentation for details.