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    JSON or XML? Which one is better? Which one is faster? Which one should I use in my next project? Stop it! These things are not comparable. It's similar to comparing a bicycle and an AMG S65. Seriously, which one is better? They both can take you from home to the office, right? In some cases, a bicycle will do it better. But does that mean they can be compared to each other? The same applies here with JSON and XML. They are very different things with their own areas of applicability.


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    The claim that JSON is a data format and XML is a language is flawed. XML is not a language and is just as much a data format as JSON. Seriously, XML is not Turing complete. The author seems to think that just because XML has XML Schema, XPATH, and XSL transformations, that this elevates XML into something it is not. In theory JSON could have the same ecosystem as XML. As a practical matter, theses technologies and tools can make using XML more viable and may be the only to integrate with various technologies (ESB, WSBPL,etc). However that does not change the essential character of what XML really is.

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    JSON is a network transport format that takes fewer characters to transport data.  Therefore, if adopted across the board as an Internet transport standard, the energy savings would surprise folks, since JSON takes less energy to send the same amount of raw data.  XML tried to be an offspring of RDBMS (type checking through Schemas) and a very awkward un-debuggable uncompiled systems programming language that quickly enticed its amazing bloat, but failed at both IMHO.  So, not only is it NOT a good option to implement logic because of its inability to correctly manage state and behavior, but it is more inneficient than JSON.  XML should most definitely go away, and soon, especially since Java now ships with a JavaScript interpretor and JSON "transformations" can be written in JavaScript with the full power of the planet's best OO systems language (Java).  SVG/HTML/XML is a legacy technology that has outlived its usefulness compared to alternatives like JSON, IMHO.  It was surprising to see how far hackers were able to take the simple markup language, but it's time to put a bullet in this lame horse.  My apologies if you've invested a good deal of your time mastering all aspects of XML (takes a lot since much of it doesn't work as expected, especially the "free" RI's).  Anyway, that's my $0.02.  Sincerely,  John Dale, https://DB2DOM.COM, a JSON + HTML5 + Java + SQL evangelist.