Over the last few years, AngularJS has emerged as the go-to stack for developing single-page web applications (SPAs). Being an extremely advanced JavaScript framework, it not only enhances your HTML to the maximum extent possible but also simplifies everything from designing the UI to testing the application.

According to Libscore, a popular JavaScript analytics service, Angular is being used by over 9,000 websites, including some of the world’s most reputable companies like Intel, Sprint, NBC, Walgreens and ABC News.

This demonstrates how popular Angular is among developers. Read on for fifteen rock-solid reasons why developers prefer to learn and use AngularJS.

Developed and Maintained by Google:

Since AngularJS is built and maintained by Google, you as a developer can be sure that you’re working with a reliable code base that will scale efficiently with your projects. Unlike most of the JavaScript application frameworks, which are developed by a community of independent hobbyists, Angular is the brainchild of highly talented Google engineers Adam Abrons and Miško Hevery. That’s one of the main reasons developers prefer to use Angular over other JavaScript frameworks like Ember.js and Knockout.js.

MVC Architecture:

AngularJS makes use of the original MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architectural pattern, but not in the traditional sense. Generally, developers are required to both split an application into various MVC components and then write all the essential code to connect them together. This is not the case with Angular, which only asks you to split the app and handles everything else by itself. In other words, Angular is quite close to MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel) design pattern.

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