Want to Call C++ exe from EJB.


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    In our application, we want to call some C++ exe file by passing few input parameters from EJB. Is it possible to do that? If yes, please guide me to achieve the same.

    Thank you in advance.

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    could try:

    a) stuff all your c++ *.exe functionalities in a dll and call it from ejb class using JNI.
    b) build a c++ .dll with a function which calls your .exe with needed parameters and then you can call that .dll function from your ejb class using JNI.

    All this stuff should work on unix too mutatis mutandis (dll->unix lib)

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    Enterprise beans make use of the services provided by the EJB container, such as life-cycle management. To avoid conflicts with these services, enterprise beans are restricted from performing certain operations:

    1.Managing or synchronizing threads
    2.Accessing files or directories with the java.io package
    3.Using AWT functionality to display information or to accept information from a keyboard
    4.Listening on a socket, accepting connections on a socket, or using a socket for multicast
    5.Setting a socket factory used by ServerSocket, Socket, or the stream handler factory used by the URL class
    6.Loading a native library.