As exciting as the IoT world may be, from the promise of autonomous cars to the egalitarian idea of a robotic butler in every home, there are still some serious technical challenges that organizations dabbling in the world of IoT must be aware.

Coming to terms with the IoT revolution

The protocols of interconnectedness are still evolving in the world of IoT, and the industry is miles away from a standard. Some devices require a fast and efficient protocol where reliability isn't important. Others prize reliability over speed. The ongoing flux in the world of IoT protocols has created new challenges for ensuring the security of the devices that rely on them. To help our readership come to grips with the challenges of IoT development, TheServerSide, along with out sister site IoT Agenda, put together the following handbook on the topic:

IoT applications pose new problems for developers

In the first article entitled How to put configurable security in effect for an IoT gateway, George Lawton discusses the security issues devices may encounter when and how an IoT gateway can be used to plug up some of those holes.

Harnessing IoT with analytics

Another challenge organizations are dealing with is how to handle the massive amounts of data and metrics an army of interconnected devices can generate. In the article entitled Why analytics must be integrated into all IoT applications and devices, Swathija Raman discusses how IoT devices are changing how analytics is done, along with what types of insights can be mined from the analytics that are gathered.

And finally, the handbook will look at the challenges of testing IoT applications in the article entitled Meeting the stringent requirements for testing IoT applications. When software gets deployed on components that can fly, accelerate and move, testing for safety and trustworthiness takes on new meaning.

If you're embarking on the path of IoT development, these are some of the key topics for which you will want to be appraised.

IoT applications pose new problems for developers