What's New in this Release?

We are pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Email for Java 6.3.0. Ported from its equivalent .NET version, the API has been enriched with new features and enhancements. These include enhancements to the EML, MSG, IMAP and EWS APIs of the library. In addition, it also contains a number of bug fixes that were reported with the Java version of the API or fixed in the equivalent .NET version. This month’s release provides a new feature of sending calendar invitations using the API’s Exchange Web Service client, similar to Microsoft Exchange’s behavior. This functionality requires the access delegation to the invitee. In addition, the invitation needs to be sent as TNEF EML by converting the MSG using the MailMessageInterpretor. With this month’s release, we have enhanced the IMAP client to support moving messages from one folder to another. The IMAP client now offers the moveMessage method that uses the message’s unique Id or sequence number to move a message across folders. This month’s release also enhances the IMAP client by providing paging support for listing searched messages. The listMessagesByPage method can be used to specify the search criterion and number of messages per page for retrieving the messages. Aspose.Email for Java already supports reading Outlook Template (OFT) files. This month’s release further enhances this functionality by providing support for saving messages to OFT format. The API supports saving EML as well as MSG file types to OFT formats. With this month’s release, we have improved the implementation of methods for listing items with paging support using the API clients. Specifically, the implementation has been implemented in separate classes for each of the communication client. This month’s release also provides the capability of setting time zone defaults for Exchange server using the EWS client. This month’s release also fixes a number of bugs that were reported with the last version of the API. It also contains bug fixes as a result of porting from its equivalent .NET version. The main improved features & bug fixes added in this release are listed below

  • Support saving MailMessage and MapiMessage to OFT format
  • Sending Calendar Invitation Email
  • Issue while having hyphen in domain name
  • Can we leave out Attachment Name while saving using Aspose.Email?
  • IMAP: Combination of MailQuery and Paging Support
  • Support of context timezone for EWS client
  • ImapClient: Provide option to Move Message
  • Move paging parameters to separate class
  • Provision of Getting MBox Marker
  • Splitting PST does not split items at root folder
  • MSG to EML: API Halts while extracting calendar items from PST file
  • Assignment of weekly MapiCalendar recurrence to MapiTask hangs
  • Attachments repeated wrongly in the MailMessage.Attachments collection while loading the EML
  • Journal item raise error when opened in PS
  • Task with 0 occurrences takes long time to save as MSG file
  • Messages could not be read from MBOX
  • Messages extracted from PST doesn't have Body information
  • MapiNote re-saved using Aspose.Email API doesn't open in Outlook
  • Msg to MHTML: Inline image missing in output
  • MSG to MSG/HTML: Table borders and cells are missing in output
  • Unable to set ReplyTo with uppercase letters
  • EML to MSG: Message body is missing
  • EML->EML: Subject is lost
  • Problem with Signed messages in presence of attachment
  • MailMessage.save raises OutOfMemoryException
  • Adding messages to PST in parallel raises exception
  • Daily, weekly and yearly recurrence pattern raise exception while adding to PST
  • Msg->Mhtml raises ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Pop3Client.ListMessages raises exception with latest API
  • Exception raised when Task with MapiCalendarWeeklyRecurrencePattern contains 0 occurrence
  • MailboxConverter.ConvertPersonalStorageToMbox raises System.UnauthorizedAccessException
  • EML to MSG raises Exception
  • Detach Add Signature option raises exception with attachment

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

Overview: Aspose.Email for Java

Aspose.Email for Java is a Non-Graphical Java component that enables Java applications to read and write MS Outlook MSG files from within a Java application without using MS Outlook. It enables developers to create new MSG file from scratch, update an existing MSG file, read Outlook MSG file & get its properties like subject, body, recipients in to, cc and bcc, adding or removing attachment, sender information & MAPI properties.  Aspose.Email can be used with Web as well as Desktop Application.

More about Aspose.Email for Java

- Homepage of Aspose.Email for Java: http://www.aspose.com/java/email-component.aspx

- Download Aspose.Email for Java: http://www.aspose.com/downloads/email-family/java