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    Hai java guys,

    Actually this is not related to serverside question,but i need help.What my problem is ,i have a image and contains some text also.Now i have to find that text words and store into string array.Please try to help me.Thank in advance.


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    How does an image "have text"? Are you sure of this?
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    i'm really not sure what u are asking, but i'll try to reply. if u're trying to query a page by the text that is inside a .gif or .jpg, use the alt attribute on the img tag to encode the text.

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    you can't do it. text in a jpeg file is part of the graphic image. you would need to do some kind of pattern recognition algorithm.
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    Yeah, that kind of thing used to be called OCR, for Optical Character Recognition. Caere Corp., of Los Gatos, California, used to be a big seller of that, but you can get it anywhere.

    Recognizing characters in a graphic image must be difficult enough that several companies sprung up with applications that did just that. Not for the faint of heart!