What's New in this Release?

Aspose team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Tasks for Java 9.5.0. Ported from its equivalent .NET version, this release includes enhancement to the project data conversion to HTML functionality for controlling document header information to output. It also fixes a number of issues that were part of the equivalent .NET version as well as reported with the Java API. Aspose.Tasks API already supported conversion of project data to HTML. This release further enhances the functionality by providing the capability to control exporting of document header’s information to output HTML. This month’s release brings performance improvement while creating large number of tasks using the API. The automatic calculation mode of the API calculates each and every field of a task upon adding new tasks. This can be taken care of by using the Manual Calculation mode of the API. We have further improved the manual calculation mode so that it takes less time while creating large number of tasks such as up to 10,000. In addition to the functional and performance enhancements mentioned earlier, this month’s release also includes a number of bug fixes that further brings stability to the API functionality. Below is the complete list of bug fixes and enhanced features included in this release.

  • Provide option for excluding document header name during Project->HTML
  • Performance is too slow with large number of tasks ~10K+
  • Predecessors information changed while loading and saving MPP (.NET)
  • Custom Field marked as Loopkup while adding extended attribute to MPP file
  • All tasks in Primavera XML file cannot be read
  • Reading Project file raises Project Reading Exception
  • Cropped image when converting project document to image with Vertical\Horizontal Resolution settings
  • Setting Task Notes to Chinese not working
  • Notes not updated in MPP file

Overview: Aspose.Tasks for Java

 Aspose.Tasks is a non-graphical Java Project management component that enables Java applications to read, write & manage Project documents without utilizing MS Project. It supports reading MS Project Template (MPT) files as well as allows exporting project data to HTML, BMP, PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, XPS, XAML and SVG formats. It reads & writes MS Project documents in both MPP & XML formats.  Developers can read & change tasks, recurring tasks, resources, resource assignments, relations & calendars.

- Homepage of Aspose.Tasks for Java: http://www.aspose.com/products/tasks/java

 - Download of Aspose.Tasks for Java: http://www.aspose.com/downloads/tasks/java