J2EE Applications & BEA WebLogic Book Available


News: J2EE Applications & BEA WebLogic Book Available

  1. The first hardcopies of the only programming book to cover J2EE & WebLogic 6 are now available.

    More information on this book can be located at: http://www.learnweblogic.com.

    ** Overview **

    Building J2EE Applications & BEA WebLogic is targeted at Java programmers developing applications for the BEA WebLogic platform, the leading Web Application Server in the marketplace today. This book focuses on best practices for developing enterprise applications using the WebLogic APIs. After reading this book, intermediate or professional-level Java developers will possess the skills and knowledge required to develop scalable and robust applications on the WebLogic platform.

    The book combines reference and tutorial, taking a step-by-step approach that introduces each API and uses it to build a component of the WebAuction application, which supports on-line Auctioning on the Web. All software needed to build the sample application is included on a CD-ROM that accompanies the book. The WebAuction project gives users the opportunity to explore significant areas of building a distributed Enterprise Java application, including:

    · Planning in advance for scalability and deployment
    · Building presentation logic
    · Establishing database connectivity
    · Creating Enterprise Java Beans for the BEA WebLogic application server
    · Packaging the whole application so that it can be easily managed and maintained.

    ** About the Authors **

    Rob Woollen is a Senior Software Engineer at BEA Systems. He is currently the lead developer for the WebLogic Server EJB Container. Before joining BEA, Rob worked on UNIX Kernel networking for Hewlett-Packard. Rob holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.

    Michael Girdley is the Director of Product Management for WebLogic Server at BEA, a role in which he acts as chief marketing liaison to over 200 engineers. An experienced application developer in Java, HTML, C, and C++, Michael is a co-author of Web Programming with Java (Sams-net Publishing, 1996) and Java Unleashed, Second Edition (Sams-net Publishing, 1997). Michael holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with Honors from Lafayette College.

    Sandra L. Emerson is a technical writer and consultant with 20 years' experience in the software industry. She is a co-author of four computer trade books: The Business Guide to the UNIX System (Addison-Wesley, 1984); Database for the IBM PC (Addison-Wesley, 1984); Troff Typesetting for UNIX Systems (Prentice-Hall, 1987); and The Practical SQL Handbook (Addison-Wesley, 1989-99). The fourth edition of The Practical SQL Handbook is scheduled for Fall, 2000.
  2. I must have missed something, how do I get my hands on to this book?

    - TAPAS
  3. The book can be located at Amazon.com at the following URL:

    Or at:

  4. Our corporate firewall doesn't like port 7001.

    When I navigate to http://www.learnweblogic.com/, I'm blocked.
  5. Ditto
  6. Pretty funny that the site that proposes to teach about weblogic has their weblogic server misconfigured. I can't get in either. I got a sample chapter of this book from JavaOne, it seemed decent. I'm interested to know if this book is any good or if it's wiser to stick to generic references and the BEA documentation. Much as I'm getting to like WL6, I'm leery of getting too dependent on it.
  7. How is the site misconfigured?
    If your firewall does not allow port 7001 that has nothing to do with the site...

    Sure they should have thought about it but there is no technical issue here only poor marketing :-)
  8. It's fixed now:


    I guarantee we're better at explaining WebLogic & J2EE than we are at marketing.

  9. This site is still using port 7001, which prevents "firewalled" users from getting to it.

    Could you please fix this?

    Thank you
  10. Where can I find the sample chapter of this book?
    I didn't find it in JavaOne.
  11. According to amazon, its not still available:

    "This item will be published on August 16, 2001.

    You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives."
  12. Hi, is this book available yet?

    Amazon says that this book ships 2-3 days?

    Does it?
  13. I cannot understand the claim that this is the first book which covers J2EE and Weblogic..In fact I have a book titled
    "Professional Java 2 Enterprise Edition with BEA Web Logic Server" from wrox publication.

    Is it that the book covers Weblogic 6.1....
    Rajeev Jayaram
  14. can we get this book in the form of pdf
  15. NOTE: The website that USED TO support this book is gone. I'd think twice about purchasing it because you will have questions and problems and the code is not compatible with the most recent version of WebLogic. Otherwise, its a good but not great book. Buyer beware.