Rexip AppServer Beta claims to outperform JRun, Orion, & Resin


News: Rexip AppServer Beta claims to outperform JRun, Orion, & Resin

  1. Developers at TCCybersoft have recently implemented a Java Servlet Container (Rexip AppServer), claiming to have surpasses JRun, Orion, & Resin in a standard benchmark test. A newcomer to the J2EE space, Rexip also has a beta of a Java Data Objects (JDO) implementation available for download.

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  2. What is Rexip? Why Rexip can perform better then Jrun?


  3. Rexip AppServer is a cost-effective, Java standard-based application server that delivers superb performance, reliability, and manageability.<br>
    Optimal performance has been in our mind since the first day of our R&D effort. For example, we fine-tune every single line of code in order to make sure it delivers maximum efficiency. We also pay special attention to the regional language content. And the result is encouraging.<br>
    Our developer license is available for FREE. Download it at:<br>>
    Niles, Rexip Team
  4. For example, we fine-tune every single line

    > of code in order to make sure it delivers
    > maximum efficiency.

    The problem with this approach is that it's very hard to release a credible version after you've reached peak efficiency with your very first release.

    Myself, I like to insert for (int i=0; i<100000; i++); here and there in my code. Not only are Java compilers stupid enough not to optimize it away, but after that, we can claim spectacular accelerations for our next releases.

    In case you wondered why Oracle is four times faster than us, now you know.
  5. We are just a small company aspiring to be the very best, particularly in providing tools that help developers do their best job.

    I am wondering what you mention in your message is a standard practice for large players like IBM?

  6. Niles,

    I would not take to heart anything Cedric says. WebLogic does have some performance problems but I suspect they are not from adding for loops here and there; intentionally that is. With any product there is many other features including large scale management tools to be added for a future release. Stay hungry.

    If you want to see what a large player does in its first release then download a beta of the bea-xml editing tool. Tools like this give xml a bad name. Note that the products faults stem from many other things than just a few cedric loops.

  7. Dear Niles,

    I had visited a website of Rexip. My understanding, your Rexip AppServer is Servlet and JSP engine only. It like a Jrun or Tomcat. What is your price range? Is it a higher pricing?(e.g., other pricing of big brand name are over USD 10K)

  8. William,

    Agree. We shouldn&#8217;t stick with one feature only. J2EE is in a flux and we believe there is room for new players who can jump-start with implementation of the new specifications and not burdened with having to support a large installed base of existing products. For example, we now have JDO and Web Services emerging as the new frontiers.

    We are hungry. Beyond novelties and technology innovations, as a new participant in the J2EE space, we want to feel the pulse of developers. What do they really want and how to fulfill their needs?


    Yes and No. Rexip AppServer currently not only offers Servlet, and JSP, but also JDBC, Clustering, Connection Pooling, and JMX-based Administration Console. Detailed pricing will be released in early September, but I can guarantee you that it will be very competitive.

    The Enterprise version of Rexip AppServer, which includes the full J2EE implementation of EJB, JMS, and JCA, will be available later this year.

    If you are interested, would you please REGISTER as a member of our site. I assure you that I will keep you posted.

  9. Test, please ignore
  10. JRUN NOT a JSP/SERVLET ENGINE[ Go to top ]

    Hi Perl,
       Just a minor correction to your comment. JRun is NOT a mere jsp/servlet engine. It is a full fledged J2EE 1.3 compliant application server. I have been using it for last 2 years and I can assure you that it is much more than Tomcat. It has beautiful clustering support and now I heard that Adobe has released a Beta version of their next version of JRun, code-named Cheetah. See here. I am sure Adobe has plans to take on other players in this arena.