Stardust SOAP Web Services framework beta available


News: Stardust SOAP Web Services framework beta available

  1. The first beta of Stardust, the next-generation SOAP Web Services framework is available for free download at through Idoox's Early Access Program.

    The first beta brings following features:

    -SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1 and XML Schema 1999/2000/2001 standards support.
    -New Web Services development tools for Sun Forte for Java/Netbeans.
    -Automated JavaScript client access code generation.
    -MIME Multipart/Related content sending and receiving.
    -Remote interface references.
    -Custom header processing.
    -Custom serialization.
    -Advanced exception handling.
    -Dynamic proxy generation for client-side access.
    -Pluggable transports.
    -Flexible processing of SOAP messagess on various levels.
    -Configurable classloading.
    -HTTP 1.1 proxy support.
    -Browser base administration console.

    The final version is scheduled to be released at the end of August. It will extend the current beta with:

    -Performance optimalization (500 messages/sec. on PIII 850Mhz)
    -HTTP Servlet transport.
    -Application, session and request object activation modes.
  2. I trust you meant to state "is NOW ready" rather than "is NOT ready" :-)
  3. Yup, on the first page it says:

    "The first beta of Stardust, Idoox's next-generation Java SOAP stack is not available for free download."
  4. Of course it is ready for free download.