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    I may be alone here, but I feel is quickly losing its appeal due to the amount of irrelevent messages, cross-posted messages and messages in incorrect forums.

    6 months ago, you could ask a question and know it would be answered. You could also help out as most of the questions were relevent.

    These days, there is so much rubbish being posted I find myself skipping messages, cursing at stupid messages, and wondering why people don't spend 10 minutes RTFM rather than 10 minutes posting a message.

    Don't get me wrong, I've no problem with people asking questions, but there seem to be a hell of a lot of lazy people who can't be bothered searching the forums or ensuring they post to the correct forum.

    How many times has the question 'Can I map 2 tables to 1 Entity EJB' been asked?

    Maybe it would be better if there was a 'Beginners' forum, and maybe a 'Chatter' forum. But these would only be of use if people used them correctly.

    Sorry for the rant! An irrelevent message just pushed me over the edge :-)


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    I completely understand your reaction. I feel exactly the same way.

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    Can I map three tables to one Entity Bean? What is this "Java"?
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    Perhaps, we need a moderator for this forum.
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    I used to reply to the mails, but these days, if I see a question I replied to weeks ago, I leave it alone.

    Although, I have to say, the search engine on this site is not that great. It shouldn't really find each and every message the words I search for appears in. It should find each and every THREAD.

    Then do some word highlighting when the thread is displayed (not hard at all) so people can find what they want more easily.

    That said, if you spend a little time working your way around you can find answers to your questions.

    Oh, and I think some people are getting abusive on this site as well. Personal abuse should not be tolerated. A "full and frank exchange of views" is one thing, but people being abusive to each other should not be permitted.

    I have not had the pleasure (yet) of being abused on this forum, but I have read threads where people are behaving very badly.

    I agree we need a moderator. Otherwise I just end up skipping over a lot of stuff because I don't have the time.

    Just by 2c.


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    Unfortunately this is the destiny of many online knowledge repositories. For example, a year ago Advanced EJB mailing list was really good. But after 6 months the same idiotic "what is the difference between session and entity bean", "URGENT - can't compile ejb" etc. made me unsubscribe from the list. It's very sad indeed that people can't spend 10 or 60 minutes to just think about the problem before they post it.
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    A perfect example I just spotted ....


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    following is another sad example:

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    it gets on my nerves every once in awhile.... so i take a break for a couple of weeks before returning to the same shit!
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    Yeah, it seems like around since the economy slowed a bit (coincidence?), all the forums have three to five new messages like that each day, and little else. Too bad; this is one of my favorite places. Ah, well, what can one do?

    The link to the "I want download Mastering EJB" thread had me in stitches, though. Thanks.
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    It seems that more and more questions refer to particular products, mostly Weblogic, and would be better answered either by BEA Support or by their developer site. Evaluation support from BEA can be slow and tortuous but the full support service seems prompt and knowledgeable.

    Is there a way this could be gently suggested to people?

    The cynic in me wonders whether there are a large number of illegal copies of Weblogic which cannot get support through the means above but I'm sure Serverside members wouldn't do that sort of thing.
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    BEA has *excellent* newsgroups about weblogic and related stuff. server is "".
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    I have created a new forum called "EJB General" to address the concerns that were raised in this thread. I will go through the JEB design forum and move all the EJB Programming questions to EJB General.

    This new forum should reduce the daily traffic in EJB Design Forum and return it to its roots as a Design only forum.

    Ed Saikali
    Site Editor
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    Thanks Much. I am also fed up with these questions. I have understood many things from this forum , but recently it is becoming a "Beginners" forum.