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    I've been working on coming up with something to provide an easy way to unit test our EJB's. I'm currently using JUnit and calling test suites from a servlet. I'm currently having some issues with testing from different security contexts, but nothing that can't be solved. Anyway, I'm wondering what others are doing to test EJB's?

    There is a pretty decent article on the subject at:



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    We ended up writing a test harness that uses a script plus reflection on the EJBs to provide a solution. We were aided by the fact that all EJB methods receive and return (XML) Strings so there wasn't a big issue about providing paarmeters.

    The tool is actually used more for regression testing than for unit testing but is useful for the latter.
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    Empirix (once RSW Software) just released a new version of their EJB testing tool, Bean-test 4.0. It can be downloaded at http://www.empirix.com

    Bean-test does EJB unit testing but also EJB scalability testing to see how your EJB performs under all these customer load conditions.

    Note: I think it's a GREAT tool, but I work there!