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    Hi All

    I am using sun's java mail api
    i need a SMTP server address through which i can send mails using this API.
    Are these server always at port no 25 ??
    I am connecting thr AT&T service but unfortunately they do not give a SMTP server address

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    att does provide an SMTP server bound to, use the default SMTP port (i.e.) donot specify a port in the URL, (which i beleive is 25), you should however be connected to the internet through att else you won't be allowed to use this server
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    Hi every one,

    I am newbie for struts.

    I want to e-mail form based application written in Struts with JavaMail, but I am not getting.

    As only JavaMail is running fine, and only Struts form is running fine, but if I Integrate both by calling JavaMail class in Action class I am unable to compile the application. I put all neccessary jar's in my compilling lib and running lib.

    Can any one help me out.....please.